Clinical Services

Panexcell offers start to end GCP compliant clinical service beginning with screening of volunteers and their selection, applying strict inclusion and exclusion criteria as per DCGI / ICH –GCP / USFDA guidelines.

Volunteer databases male and female

  • Volunteer Bank.

  • Source: Academic institutions and general community in and around Navi Mumbai.

  • Modality: Person-to-person contact by Panexcell’s Volunteer, Biometric system, Online volunteer information system.

  • Size: More than 9000 volunteer data base.

  • Type: Healthy adult human volunteers of 18-45 yrs age.

  • Gender: Male and female volunteers (predominantly male).

  • Procedure: Standardized screening procedure consisting of:
        - Medical history.
        - Physical examination.   
        - ECG.   
        - Laboratory investigations.

  • Criteria: Selection based on above screening parameters and on any special requirements of protocol.

  • Volunteer Details Management System.
    Volunteer details including name, address, contact details, fingerprint, photo, study participation till date and screening details, etc. 

  • Online Volunteer Information System.
    In this, OVIS system fingerprints of a volunteer are scanned and matched against records in a web-based databank to establish if he/she has participated in any  BA/BE study recently in any of the CROs in the region.

  • The fingerprint scan:
        - Prompts date of last participation in a study.
        - Keeps confidential the ID and address of the volunteer.
        - Enables to weed out professional volunteers.